Is TV dead?

It's Monday again! But this time, it's Monday evening! 

I don't really know the reason behind it, but most of my blogging seems to take place on a Monday. Maybe after a weekend of relaxing and reading other peoples blogs, i perhaps realise that i should be updating my own, and subconsciously that lodges in my brain on Mondays to-do list!

Or maybe i'm inspired or something.

Anyway, TV is dead. Is it? I know my 30 month old LG TV is dead (the f**kers!), and the kind folks at LG want more than i paid for it to repair it (the motherf**kers!)! but that's another matter.

What i mean is, is TV as a medium for us to watch visual content starting a decline? Nearly all of us have smartphones, and most of us have tablet computers, and those of us who have neither have computers. Those with us without computers probably don't have a TV - so it doesn't matter.

But what is making me ask the question is thinking about how my own habits have changed over the last 18 months or so when it comes to watching the custard.

My TV now lives a life almost exclusively for sport. I don't really watch anything else regularly on it other than football. However, i do consume a heap of video throughout the week. 

I'm so in to youtube, and have been for a couple of years. 

I probably discover 80% of my new music via YouTube. I would guess i watch about 20 hours a week of other content that i would describe as serious content - so proper shows or tutorial type stuff - not cats falling off things.

Then there's video on demand services such as netflix, amazon prime, BBC, etc etc. I do watch stuff on these platforms, but not much, as again most of what i do like to watch is available on YouTube.

Were it not for Youtube, my shitty LG TV would probably have died after 13 months!