Photostrip - Warpaint - Live 30.10.2016, Live Music Hall, Cologne

Hi everyone! 

Well, there's dark gigs, and you know, theres DARK gigs. Gigs where not only are you risking life and limb walking through the photo pit, but also not getting much in the way of fruits for your perilous labour. 

Well, last weekend Warpaint gig in Cologne was one such event!

Toil and trouble (as it was the night before hallowe'en) led to not too much in the way of keepers! Sometime's i really wonder if bands are interested in their marketing at all? I mean presumably they do want people to see what they get up to on stage? I'm sometimes not sure if they do. Although, in all fairness - there aren't that many live images of Warpaint around, so maybe thats the reason why. I may not have the most light-sensitive camera (there's much better available), but for future reference, should i shoot this band again, i'll need to hire some night-vision-aparatus!! 

Anyway - moan over - here's some pics!


Photostrip - Kaiser Chiefs - LIVE 27.10.2016, Essigfabrik, Cologne


Last week i got the chance to shoot the Kaiser Chiefs, performing performing live in Cologne.

Front man Ricky Wilson threw his microphone into the rafters after the first song, and spend the next few songs singing up in to it while it remained suspended from the ceiling!!

Hope you enjoy the shots from the show!

Cheers, Ant