Shooting-day announcement!

Hey everybody!

So, after a bit of thought, planning, testing, and other things, I've decided to hit the road and bring my shoots to somewhere near you!




Next weekend, there's two opportunities for bands, artists, actors and business owners to freshen up their promotional material with some new images at a reduced price!

First up, on Saturday 16th June, i'll be heading to Essen to shoot business portraits. These sessions are aimed at entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, online influences even actors and those that simply wat to spruce up their social media accounts.

These Business Shoot sessions are the perfect way to get yourself in front of camera, in a relaxed atmosphere. Locations are free to choose from; from a leafy park, to your office or favourite coffee shop! You're in charge!



Sunday 17th June brings me back to my roots - music!

If you're in a band, or are a performer in the Cologne area, then this one is for you!

If you need new promo images for your bands website and social media feeds, then drop me a line! 

Again, locations are you're choice, what ever fits your style!

Both shoots are accompanied with a chat before-hand to get the ideas out there and make a plan!

For more info, check out my facebook page. To book, drop me a mail to - it'll be great to see you there!!