Shooting Product

Ever wondered how online sellers get their products to look almost like they've been CGI'd on to a white background, almost like they're floating?

Well, here's an example of how it really happens!

This image appears on a friends online shop:

The above image is directly out of the camera - no Photoshop, no sorcery (except for the text of course!).

...and here is how the magic happens...

This is what i used to achieve this image:

2 pieces of white card, 1 piece of glass from an old A4 picture frame, 3 speedlights, some transparent wire (fishing wire or something similar), a table and something to hold the wire. Of course, you need the camera, tripod and product itself!!

Here's the set-up, complete with 15 month old assistant:

So, there you have it! Not as technical as you'd probably think!

The biggest challenge is eliminating shadows. But that can usually be achieved by blowing your background out with flash. If however, you're not working with a white background, then it's going to be a bit more of a challenge! But, like in this situation, once you have you scene and your settings right you can wheel product after product in front of the camera and shoot away!

The main thing is - have fun!!


Until next time!

A shot in the dark

I have two shoots coming up this week that will present me with a couple of interesting challenges!

Firstly, I've been given the honour of being invited to shoot a product launch. Not just any product launch however. This is a car launch, from a major manufacturer, with a glitzy invitation-only party!   

Then on Saturday night I'm shooting a rock concert. Yeah ok, so I know the band, but as i'm trying to break in to music photography, every little leg-up is going to help! 

Both events will be major portfolio builders for me, and could lead to further work.

Check back next week to see how things went!!!