Pasties and Pints (of Cider)

Hi all,

Food. It's good stuff right!

Well, photographing the stuff is obviously a key ingredient (pun totally intended) in the marketing of any business that's involved with it!

Dan, a friend of mine in Cologne has been quietly growing his business selling Cornish Pasties to the locals, along with a few other tasty products from the homeland. He's been in the process of moving to a new, larger location, and asked for my help with some photos of his products.

Of course, I was happy to be involved, for anything else, the opportunity of free food. Oh, and english Cider - alcohol is also currency after all!

Now, photographing food isn't something i've done an awful lot of. Photographers all go through the phase of deciding we're going to make a fortune from micro-stock photography and start photographing the entire contents of our kitchens. Even i'm guilty of that one - i'm sure there are still one or two pictures of chopped-up garlic cloves knocking around on shutterstock!

Here's the set-up. It's pretty rudimentary, and although i had an arsenal of lighting kit with me, decided to use just one bare flash, bouncing off the ceiling behind (and point away from) the camera.

Yes, i know that tripod is totally unsuitable for the weight it's holding (feel free to gift me a new one)!

Yes, i know that tripod is totally unsuitable for the weight it's holding (feel free to gift me a new one)!

The plank of wood we ended using as our background was part of a seat outside the shop. It needed a bit of a clean, but ended up looking pretty nice!

I got wood

I got wood

We had decided that we wanted to shoot with a pretty narrow depth of field. In the end, perhaps a little too narrow. So narrow that only part of the front of the pasties was bang sharp. It still looked good though, for sure. Maybe something to think about in the future. Although, like i said, it was what and how we decided to shoot from the start.



We had a bunch of different pasties to shoot, and shot 6 in the end. You can imagine how much we ate during that shoot!

And the best thing was, we shot on a second day - this time CAKE!

The new shop is due to open today (June 1st), and a couple of days ago the images returned from the printers and were mounted in the windows. More will follow for inside the shop, and we do have another shoot planned when Dan gets round to polishing up the next chunk of wood!

Looking tasty (pasty)

Looking tasty (pasty)

Check out Dan's website here - and if you get the chance, pop by the new shop at Mauenheimer Str. 28, 50733 Cologne!

I'm off now to start my new (latest) diet.

Ant x 


Photostrip - Two Door Cinema Club - Live 01.03.2017, Palladium, Cologne

Photostrip - Kings of Leon - Live 15.02.2017, Lanxess Arena, Cologne

Last Wednesday saw me heading back to the Lanxess Arena, this time to shoot Kings of Leon.

I had high hopes for this one, but it turned out to be a nightmare! Very low light and not allowed to move around the stage due to TV cameras! 7 photographers, all with the same crap pictures!! Here's mine!!


Photostrip - The Naked and Famous - Live 07.02.2017, Die Kantine, Cologne

The Naked and Famous are currently touring Europe supporting the release of their most recent album 'Simple Forms'. 

I shot the bands Cologne performance for Coolibri Magazine, and also managed to get a backstage shoot with the groups singer Alisa.

Here's the photos from the show. Enjoy!

The one that got away!

Any photographer will know that feeling... You got the composition right, had your exposure all set hit the shutter, and walk away with the shot in the bag. Until... you get home, get the images off of your memory card to find the big shot of your shoot was off - you missed focus.

This, of course may not have been down to you - such cases usually are, but heres a case where one shot that i missed wasn't necessarily down to me!

The image below is Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, shot on 30.01.17 in Cologne. I knew this moment was coming. Billie was already starting to sprint along the stage runway back to the stage.

My metering was set. My focus was tracking him. Locked and loaded.

His feet leave the floor. The lighting totally changes and that's it! The camera freaks out. It has a split second to decipher the new levels of contrast it's now seeing on the subject it's tracking - and in the split second that i press the shutter, focus hasn't been totally re-aquired. The microphone stand that came into the foreground may have confused things further. Shame. But these things happen. This would have been THE shot of the night. But hey, there were a bucket load of great shots!

I've come across pro's that would still use a great shot even if the focus was missed and it wasn't quite sharp. I was torn myself, but decided against it in the end.

What would you have done? Use or lose?

Let me know in the comments!