Wedding - Anka & Boris

A couple of weeks ago i had the great honour of accompanying Ann Karin and Boris on their wedding day!

The day before the wedding we'd all been suffering in a near 40 degree heatwave! Luckily, the temperature had dropped to a refreshing (cough) 28 degrees, although in the sun it felt more like 40 again!

The day began with myself at spending time with the bride and her bridesmaids, while my assistant spent some time with the groom and his friend who were busy putting some finishing touches to the reception venue.


Retreating to the church in Duisburg, the guests and I (and the groom of course) awaited the arrival of the bride in a beautiful vintage Mercedes. She claimed not to be feeling too nervous - her face tells a different story! 


After the service, we headed out to find a few locations that the couple had chosen prior to the day. They'd done all the leg-work for me here - the locations were beautiful. A field of sunflowers with a stone covered avenue besides, and a tree-seller - a beautiful piece of land with different trees, wonderful gardens, and one or two props lying around :)


The reception took place in the city of Krefeld in a former corn storage barn. A lovely location. A great space to celebrate.


We took a little bit of time during the welcome drinks to set up a camera and flashes in a corner of the courtyard so that guests could take some selfies - a sort of photo box i guess - the guests soon got into the spirt and got involved!


The buffet opened, the cake arrived, we had some speeches, and then the party got started with the first dance!


A wonderful day, which everyone really enjoyed. Thanks again to Anka and Boris for trusting their memories to us!

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