So, IGTV (Instagram TV) has arrived!

Is it the future???

I've spent years complaining at people shooting video in portrait mode, because we don't watch out tvs on the side do we?

But, it's here, and maybe it's the way forward. 

Taking advantage of how we are actually used to shooting video nowadays.

Some things i've been thinking about....

As a failed youtube creator (i think i manage about 4 rubbish uploads a year), will it inspire me to create videos again and more frequently? Well, i did upload already, so maybe the answer is yes.

Will these new longer videos draw people away from viewing instastories, and therefore reduce engagement over my regular instagram account? A big advantage is that the videos can be up to ten minutes long, and don't disappear like instastories - is this a shot at youtube?

Time will tell, but i find the concept and the idea really interesting. 

Film-makers, and proper creators now have a new toy - making videos in 9:16!

Drop a comment! What do you think? Is it something we could be doing already via facebook?

Give it a few weeks and see if it sticks!!