Challenge time!


So, it's Monday morning once again, another week is here, and a whole heap of empty hours await.

While it's always fun to be out shooting, sometimes it's difficult to decide what to shoot, where to shoot and sometimes even the motivation to be out there. 

Thats where challenges comes in. 

Photographers always set themselves challenges and projects to fill quiet periods, and now it's time i jumped on that wagon too.

There's sites and articles everywhere with suggestions:

50 pictures/one month etc with just one lens...

Shooting subjects with the same colour for a week...

the list of suggestions is endless.

My idea.... Video.

Why not!? Like many 'togs, i've a bag of expensive, sophisticated and quality camera equipment that also shoots videos!

Add to that, there is a platform where a lot of people make a lot of money from posting videos - the worlds second most popular search engine - YouTube.

Back in my college days i studied television production, alongside photography. Back in those days, both formats had something in common - film. The same goes for today - digital.

I can remember precisely nothing from my college days. So lets see if i can throw some kind of video together over the course of this week! You never know, i may make an appearance in front of the camera myself!

Until next time!